The craziest thing about Cabrini-Green was the location. If you walk east on Division, you arrive in Gold Coast in no less than 5 blocks. From the most dangerous projects in America to the country's second wealthiest zip code (after the Upper East Side) in literally 7 minutes on foot. Crossing Clark street in front of… » 12/09/10 12:40pm 12/09/10 12:40pm

@badasscat: Not technically, their legal status is "non-profit". Much like an charity that collects money and pays its employees but there are no shareholders the company is beholden to and pressured by to increase profits (and thus their payouts). » 11/24/10 8:02pm 11/24/10 8:02pm

So did this guy "live in Paris" or "study there for 4 months and hang out in a few tacky clubs near the Champs"? Because in my experience, those in the latter group are most prone to making absurd and naive generalisations about France. » 11/24/10 1:19pm 11/24/10 1:19pm